15 Best Dog Breeds For Seniors (Small And Medium Dogs

Beagle. On the hunt for the best dogs for seniors? Luckily for you, the beagle is the ultimate companion for older adults. As one of the most famous and well-liked dogs out there, Beagles are celebrated for their fantastic personalities.

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Best Senior Airline Discounts: Senior Flight Discounts

Offers senior discounts off published fares to travelers 65+ in some limited markets. All travel to and from the following countries are discounted up to 25% off for senior citizens.

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September 11th, 2001: Patriot Day - Suddenly Senior

Having incurred such loss of innocent lives on September 11th, 2001, there’s something almost indecent about the Entertainment Book of today, filling in for the rationing books, gasoline coupons and ‘nylons in a bottle’ we “suffered” through on the homefront following December 7, 1941.

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7 Top Reasons I Don’t Like Seniors

It takes her quite a bit of time to go through them and find the ones that apply. She watches the cashier like a hawk to make she gets every penny she is entitled. If one of the coupons won’t scan because it is about a year past its expiration date, she throws a fit. She’ll claim she got it in the mail the week before.

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7 Top Reasons I Don't Like Seniors

Even though my 70th birthday is rapidly approaching I have to say, in all truth, that I don’t much like senior citizens. For the majority of them on one magical day, their 65th birthday, a transformation begins.

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