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The Freedom of Financial Responsibility | Marriagetrac

That meant waiting for sales, cutting coupons, and shopping at discount stores. We learned to wait until off seasons to buy clothes. You wouldn’t believe the deals on shorts and t-shirts when everyone else is shopping for back-to-school clothes!

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Adoptions are Expensive! | Marriagetrac

But for the most part, I didn’t bother. But after the kids came home and I was now feeding six mouths, I became motivated to learn how to become a better coupon user. I discovered that by combining coupons, weekly sales, and store coupon policies it was possible to get $175 in groceries for $30.

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Love and Marriage | Marriagetrac

Often we really only use one–touch. We make love with the lights off, we don’t say much, and we don’t really even taste. So figure out ways to engage the different senses! For sight, you can wear something pretty to bed. For taste, you can put on flavored lip balm, or get some chocolate to feed to him, or whatever you’d like!

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Date Night Contest Results | Marriagetrac

First off; pray that God blesses your date night ideas. He knows your likes, dislikes, and budget. I wanted to surprise my husband with a neat “date night,” but the kids had been busy, and I was sure there would be interruptions. Well, we planned a date night anyway.

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Have a New Sex Life by Friday: Because Your Marriage Can't

Given enough time, stress, and kids, even the most satisfying sex life can turn ho-hum. Before long, you find that your conversations center on taking the garbage out, you only make love with the lights off, and experimenting in the bedroom means changing the color of the duvet.

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Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts | Growthtrac

Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts, created by relationship experts Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, is a comprehensive marriage program designed specifically for today’s couples by a couple.

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Money Before Marriage: A Financial Workbook for Engaged

Are you off to a good start? She’s a shop-aholic and he’s a tightwad. Or he’s a spendthrift and she’s a penny-pincher. Are their marriages doomed to fail? Should they even marry at all? It’s been said that the two most destructive problems in a marriage are mismanagement of money and poor communication.

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Getting the Love You Want Workbook: The New Couples' Study

A companion workbook to the enormously successful New York Times bestselling relationship book, Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples. In 1988, Harville Hendrix in partnership with his wife, Helen LaKelly Hunt, published a terrifically successful relationship guide, Getting the Love You Want. The book introduced thousands to their Imago Relationship Therapy, a unique healing process

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101 Questions to Ask Before You Get Engaged | Growthtrac

Couples will be much more confident about whether or not to pursue marriage after completing these in-depth and personal questions. Norm also addresses the delicate subject of calling off the wedding if readers discover that a potential mate isn’t actually meant to be a life partner.

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10 Ways to Create a More Romantic Bedroom | Marriagetrac

Everyone has them — stacks of bills, coupons, random newsletters that haven’t been read … the list goes on. And since you don’t want to forget about them (or maybe you just don’t know where to store them), the default system is to make a stack on the dresser or chest of drawers in your bedroom.

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